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Jan 15, 2024
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Lebanese Writer Jamal Fayad: The Jews Lied About How Hitler Burned Some Of Them; Europe Talks About The Freedom Of Speech, Yet Roger Garaudy Was Sent To Prison For Doubting The Scope Of The Holocaust

#10826 | 01:25
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese writer and literary critic Jamal Fayad said in a January 15, 2024, show on OTV (Lebanon) that the Jews lie about how "Hitler burned some of them." He added that Europe talks about the freedom of expression, yet French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy was sent to prison for doubting the scope of the Holocaust. He continued to say that Garaudy "did not invent anything and did not say that he saw it in his dream," but he was a scholar and had data.

Jamal Fayad: "What is happening in Gaza is as horrifying as can be. It is unfathomable. If the lie of the Jews about how Hitler burned some of them, and when Roger Garaudy of France raised doubts about the scope... He said, 'Okay, the Holocaust happened, but not to that scope... They sent him to prison for two years, even though he was a philosopher, a writer, and over 80 years old.

"Just because he raised doubts about the scope [of the Holocaust], they locked him up for two years.

"Just imagine how they legislate laws in Europe, where they talk about freedom of speech. I have the right to express my opinion. [Garaudy] was a scholar and had data. He did not invent anything and did not say that he saw it in his dream. Nevertheless, he was locked up for saying this. The Israelis want to occupy the land no matter what. [They talk] about 4,000 years ago. Who can prove that? All the written history, including the Torah itself – who can possibly prove that it is correct?

"Who can prove that these are not just a bunch of fabricated lies, and that they have been making movies about them for 100 years, in order to plant them in our minds?"

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