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Jul 10, 2017
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Lebanese TV Debate Deteriorates into a Brawl When Guest Refuses to Extend Condolences to Colleague Whose Cousin Was Executed by ISIS

#6113 | 01:29
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

A debate between Lebanese Sunni Islamist leader Bilal Daqmaq and former Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash – a Sunni tribal leader from Deir Al-Zour who supports the Al-Assad regime – deteriorated into a brawl seconds after the beginning of the OTV show. The TV host extended his condolences to Shlash, whose cousin had been executed by ISIS the day before. When the TV host asked Sheikh Daqmaq if he would like to join the gesture, Daqmaq said only that he conveyed condolences to the Syrian people for every Syrian killed. This quickly led to an exchange of curses and physical blows. OTV posted the video on its YouTube channel on July 10.


Moderator: We will discuss the developments with former Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash, and with Islamic theorist Sheikh Bilal Daqmaq. I welcome you both on the show. First, we would like to extend our condolences, Sheikh Ahmad. We know that your cousin was martyred yesterday. He was beheaded by ISIS, who accused him of collaborating with the Syrian regime.




Sheikh Bilal, do you wish to extend your condolences to Sheikh Ahmad?


Lebanese Islamist Bilal Daqmaq: I extend my condolences to the Syrian people for anyone killed...


Former Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash: Brother, he asked you a straight question: Are you extending me condolences or not?


Bilal Daqmaq: It's none of your business.


Ahmad Shlash: How can it possibly be none of my business?!


Bilal Daqmaq: Shut up...


Ahmad Shlash: You shut up. Someone like you shouldn't open his mouth! To hell with you, you bastard!


Bilal Daqmaq thrusts his glass of water at Shlash, the men grab each other at the neck and a brawl ensues



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