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Nov 21, 2022
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Lebanese Sunni Tribal Leader Manee Advocates For 'Honor Killings': If My Daughter Were To Fornicate, I Would Kill Her; If A Man Refuses To Marry The Woman With Whom He Fornicated, He Should Also Be Killed

#10009 | 02:00
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Sunni tribal leader Jihad Manee said on Lebanon’s Al-Jadeed TV, on November 21, 2022, that both men and women should be held accountable to “honor” violations. He said that if his daughter were to “fornicate” with a man, he would hold her accountable by killing her if he could. He said that if a girl “makes a mistake” with a man she should tell him to ask her family for her hand in marriage, and that if he refuses, they should both be killed.


Jihad Manee: "For us, honor is manifest in land and in the honor of women. Honor is not exclusive to women. It's not that if a woman makes a mistake, the [violation] of honor is exclusive to her."



Interviewer: "The honor of women is identical to the honor of men? Are men held accountable just like women are?"


Manee: "Yes, men are held accountable just like women."


Interviewer: "What is your definition of a man's honor?"



Manee: "When a man makes a contract with anyone..."


Interviewer: "When he gives his word, then."


Manee: "Yes, when he gives his word."



Interviewer: "And what about women's honor?"



Manee: "Women are sacred. It is forbidden to harm her."


Interviewer: "What does this mean? Please elaborate."


Manee: "She must not cross the red lines."



Interviewer: "Where do you draw these red lines for women?"


Manee: "These red lines are drawn by our religion, which says that both the male and the female fornicators should be stoned to death."



Interviewer: "So if your daughter...If a young woman, I don't want to say 'your daughter'...If she falls in love with someone and has sex with him, it's considered fornication?


Manee: "She is welcome to fall in love, but [sexual] relations, absolutely not. This is not part of our values."


Interviewer: "What happens? What is the rule in such a case?"


Manee: "There will definitely be a severe punishment."


Interviewer: "What will her punishment be?"


Manee: "If I could not kill her, I would renounce her..."


Interviewer: "If you 'could not kill her?'"


Manee: "Yes."


Interviewer: "Would you kill her [if you could]?"


Manee: "Yes. The state does not hold anyone accountable. A lot of things that happen in our tribes are caused by the state. The state is at fault. If someone attacked my daughter, the state would not arrest him."


Interviewer: "Who is the one who kills the woman who 'fornicates,' according to what you say?"


Manee: "The tribe assigns one of its members."




Interviewer: "Isn't a woman's honor connected to her mind, her values...?



Manee: "It has to do with her entire body, with her hair, with her fingernails...If a girl makes a mistake with some guy, she should say to him: Go to so-and-so, and send him to ask my family for my hand in marriage on your behalf."



Interviewer: "And what if the guy refuses?"


Manee: "Then he should be killed."



Interviewer: "He should be killed? What about her?"


Manee: "The same thing."



Interviewer: "She should be killed too?"


Manee: "Yes."

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