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Dec 19, 2022
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Lebanese Sunni Scholar Dr. Hassan Moraib: Lebanon Is On The Verge Of Civil War; We Are Ready To Fight 'Like Everybody Else,' Do Not Fear Hizbullah Or The Christians

#10016 | 02:13
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

Lebanese Sunni scholar Dr. Hassan Moraib, the General Inspector of the Islamic Waqf in Lebanon, said in a video that was published by Spot Shot Online (Lebanon) on December 19, 2022 that if they are backed into a "corner" or "suffocated" by another group, the Sunnis in Lebanon will take up arms and "take to the streets" in order to defend themselves and their honor. He said that the Sunnis carry personal firearms, and that they do not fear Hizbullah. Dr. Moraib also said that he believes that Lebanon is on the verge of civil war, and that the Sunnis will participate in the war "like everybody else" if anybody tries to harm them. In addition, he also pointed out that the Sunnis had been the ones who "taught Hizbullah how to shoot." He added: "When things get serious, we know how to fight."

Dr. Hassan Moraib: "The late Rafic Hariri's plan for us Sunnis was based on the pen. He focused on educating people rather than arming them. The day Saad Hariri was forced to arm the people, he just fled the country. He did not want to mess with blood. We [Sunnis] say: 'We have no weapons except for the weapons of the state.' But let me tell you, our people in the Tariq Al-Jadida neighborhood and the other Sunni areas all carry their personal firearms. If we reach a point where we are pushed to a corner and feel under siege, and if any group of people suffocates us, and another group tells us we cannot go into their areas, then our people will take to the streets on their own volition. But do we have such a plan? No, we don't.


"When push comes to shove, our people are known to defend themselves, their area, their dignity, their honor, and their religion, and they fear no one. They do not fear the [Christian] Soldiers of God group, and they do not fear Hizbullah. Everybody should know this. We fear no one but Allah.


"If the state does not want to fulfill its duties, it should tell us, and we will do what we have to do. We will not be the weakest link in Lebanon.


"There are personal firearms in each and every home in Lebanon. If it comes down to me, my area, my dignity, and my existence, I will pick up a weapon and take to the street.


"Unless a decision is made by the army, the internal security forces, and the intelligence agencies to crack down on the bullies, and prevent the militant manifestations in the streets...Considering the security chaos and economic collapse we are witnessing, we are on the verge of civil war in Lebanon."

Interviewer: "Will the Sunnis take part in this civil war?"


Moraib: "Just like everybody else. If someone tries to harm them, they will respond. They think that we are on our knees, but we are not.


"We are the ones who taught Hizbullah how to shoot. Hizbullah knows this. We taught them how to carry a gun. Imad Mughniyeh was a soldier in the Fatah movement. Nobody should look down on us. When things get serious, we know how to fight."

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