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Nov 14, 2007
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Lebanese Shiite Cleric Muhammad Al-Hajj Hassan Slams Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and the "Godfather of Idiots" Bashar Al-Assad

#1615 | 01:53
Source: Future TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a speech by Lebanese Shiite cleric Muhammad Al-Hajj Hassan, which aired on Future TV on November 14, 2007.

Muhammad Al-Hajj Hassan: As usual, [Nasrallah] gave us the kind of speech one only hears from gang members and highway robbers. It is as if he is the sole heir to Lebanon, and the genuine owner of this country, which is by now weary of his deceitful and patronizing speeches, as well as those of his MPs and party leaders. It is as if he is insisting on embroiling the [Shiite] sect in a fierce battle. The Shiites are being led into the labyrinth of Sunni-Shiite strife, just like in Iraq – courtesy of the Iranian efforts. I don't know in what capacity he classifies people as collaborators, schemers, and thieves, and what is the purpose of this escalation, at a time when we await any successful initiative to resolve the presidential crisis. We know that he does not want presidential elections. We know that he equipped several groups with weapons, money, and intelligence, so that they could act at the zero hour. This way, he would not be directly connected to the destruction, strife, and bloodshed that would befall this country. We also know that he is fully prepared to take revolutionary measures, after his plan has received the blessing of the Iranian ambassador in Beirut, and the godfather of idiots in the 21st century. Bashar Al-Assad.

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