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Aug 12, 2022
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Lebanese Researcher Imad Rizk: UNIFIL Leaks Sensitive Information About Lebanese Officers To Israel – It Must Stop, Or Its Hand Will Be 'Chopped Off'; We Demand Israel Pay $860 Million In Reparations For 2006 War

#9763 | 01:33
Source: The Internet - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

In a video posted to the Spot Shot YouTube channel on August 12, 2022, Lebanese researcher Imad Rizk claimed that in negotiations meetings between Lebanon and Israel, UNIFIL leaks to Israel sensitive information about Lebanese officers and their families. He said that if UNIFIL does not stop this, its hand will be "chopped off" and it will become an accomplice in Israel's "aggression" against Lebanon. In addition, Rizk said that Lebanon wants Israel to pay $860 million in reparations for the 2006 Second Lebanon War, that Lebanon will demand more money if Israel doesn't pay, and that "next time" Lebanon will demand reparations for the 2020 Beirut Port explosion.

Imad Rizk: "The Israeli enemy derives pleasure from the meetings with the Lebanese delegation. I don't want to go into all the things the [Israelis] say and do to the Lebanese delegation in each meeting, and what role the UN — particularly UNIFIL — plays in the service of the Israeli enemy. They give them pictures and information, and they even leak to them...

"They should listen to me carefully, because their hand will be chopped off if they continue with this.

"They leak to the Israeli enemy information about Lebanese officers, about their families, and about their private lives. If UNIFIL does not stop this, it will become an accomplice to this collaboration, and to the aggression against Lebanon."

Interviewer: "Hizbullah says that they have no information about this."

Rizk: "The State of Lebanon, and Hizbullah behind it, know this.


"[Amos] Hochstein should write this down when he comes here: We want $860 million in reparations for the 2006 [war]. They destroyed the environment. We all remember the oil that flew to the sea after the Israeli enemy attacked. $860 million is what the UN ruled we are owed. If they don't pay, we will demand more later, because we are owed a lot in reparations. If you want, we can talk about reparations for the [2020 Beirut] port [explosion]. For this, they will pay next time."

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