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Nov 17, 2019
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Hizbullah TV: Popular Resistance to U.S. Presence in Syria May Soon Shift from Stones to Molotov Cocktails, IEDs, Anti-Tank Missiles, and Snipers

#7613 | 02:05
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

On November 17, 2019, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) aired a report about the U.S. military presence in Syria. Showing video of Syrians throwing stones at American military vehicles in northeastern Syria, the reporter said that armed popular resistance might take place against the American forces in Syria. Military expert General Muhamamd Abbas, who was interviewed in the report, predicted that popular resistance against U.S. forces would involve Molotov cocktails, locally-made explosives, anti-tank missiles, and snipers. The reporter concluded: “The American army, which was humiliated by the popular resistance in Vietnam and Iraq, might meet the same fate in Syria.”

Following are excerpts:


Reporter: This may have been the beginning of the resistance against the America occupation in northeastern Syria. The stones with which the children of Qamishli send the American occupiers on their way may turn into machine guns and bombs in the hands of the region’s men. This is something President Bashar Al-Assad hinted at in a recent interview with local and Russian media outlets. But how strong is this resistance and of whom does it consist?

General Muhammad Abbas: We have qualified soldiers who served in the army. We have Syrian citizens who believe in this country. The Syrian citizens have gained combat expertise over the past nine years. I believe that Molotov cocktails will play a role one of these days – not to mention locally-made explosive devices, anti-tank missiles, and sniper weapons… I believe that the weapons are here in abundance. The Syrian Army and the regime will offer their support and strengthen the combat capabilities of these fighting citizens.




Sheikh Haydar Al-Hamadi: The popular resistance will play a major role in the Arab Republic of Syria. There is going to be coordination between the Syrian tribes in order to support and strengthen the existing tribal army, which serves as an auxiliary force in the Syrian Army.

Reporter: As far as Damascus is concerned, the option of popular resistance against the American occupation was never off the table, but its appearance out in the open was triggered by President Trump’s decision to stay in Syria, after all.




The American army, which was humiliated by the popular resistance in Vietnam and Iraq, might meet the same fate in Syria.

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