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Dec 16, 2020
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Lebanese Polygamist Ali Toma Offers Free Home Appliance To Any Man Marrying More Than One Wife: I Am Fighting Spinsterhood; What Can Life Offer Women Beyond Children, A Husband, A Home?

#8545 | 01:50
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

On December 16, 2020, Lebanese polygamist Ali Toma was interviewed on Jadeed TV (Lebanon), along with his three wives – Hind, Hanoud, and Zhayeh. The show host explained that Toma wants to offer any man who marries a second, third, or fourth wife a home appliance from his private shop. Toma said that he is fighting spinsterhood and that every girl’s dream is to wear a veil and a wedding dress. The host criticized Toma, saying that he cannot speak on behalf of all women, and Toma responded: "A woman who has no child, no man, and no home... What else is there for her in life?"

Interviewer: "Hind, your husband believes that he is fighting spinsterhood. He is offering to give every man who marries a second, third, or fourth wife a fridge, a washing machine, or..."

Ali Toma: "Maybe a TV, or..."

Interviewer: "A TV from his stop in the town of Arsal... Who appointed you to fight spinsterhood?"

Toma: "Nobody appointed me, but I am trying to encourage [marriage]... First of all, Lebanon has the highest spinsterhood rate in the Arab world – 85%. This is well known.  So in order to encourage..."

Interviewer: "But who told you all women want to get married and are looking for a husband?"

Toma: "The dream of every girl in the world is to war a wedding dress."

Interviewer: "That's your opinion..."

Toma: "It is also society's opinion."

Interviewer: "You didn't conduct a survey. Many girls don't want to wear a wedding dress."

Toma: "When a girl reaches puberty, at the age of 16-17, what's her dream in life?"

Interviewer: "You don't get to dream on their behalf. Many girls..."

Toma: "What's their dream in life? To wear a veil and white dress."

Interviewer: "Perhaps her dream is to graduate from university and start a company..."

Toma: "But ultimately, she wants to get married."

Interviewer: "No, wait. I disagree. You cannot speak on behalf of the women in Lebanon or the Arab world. Many women do not want to get married. Many people fulfill their dreams without getting married, and this is the last thing that they care about."

Toma: "What else does life have to offer them? A woman who does not have a child, a man, and a home... What else is there for her in life?"

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