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Nov 14, 2011
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Lebanese Politicians' Debate on Syria Degenerates into Brawl

#3200 | 01:28
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Following is an excerpt from a debate on Syria between two Lebanese politicians, which aired on Murr TV on November 14, 2011.

Mustafa Allouch, March 14 Alliance: Dr. Fayez, we will not reach any conclusion...

TV host: Just a moment... Listen to him too.

Fayez Shakr: I wish you would listen. But you're not listening. I wish you would listen to the interview given by President Al-Assad.

Mustafa Allouch: I heard it.

Fayez Shakr: You did? What did you hear?

Mustafa Allouch: I heard it, but I don't believe him.

Fayez Shakr: Who?

Mustafa Allouch: Bashar Al-Assad.

Fayez Shakr: You don't believe him?

Mustafa Allouch: No, I don't.

Fayez Shakr: Who are you to not believe President Al-Assad?

Mustafa Allouch: Speak with respect. Keep your calm.

Fayez Shakr: I'm calm, but it's a disgrace that you don't believe him.

Mustafa Allouch: Shame on you for calling it a disgrace. Shame on you...

Fayez Shakr: No, shame on you for not believing him...

Mustafa Allouch: I don't believe him because he is a liar.

Fayez Shakr: You are a liar, and your boss is a liar too.

Mustafa Allouch: Speak with respect. Look, son...

Fayez Shakr: Don't call me "son"...

TV host: Dr. Fayez... Dr. Mustafa...

Mustafa Allouch: I won't let someone who works for the secret service talk to me that way.

Fayez Shakr: I work for the secret service?! My shoe commands more respect than you.

Fayez Shakr throws a glass of water at Mustafa Allouch, which lands on the TV host

Mustafa Allouch jumps up and grabs a chair, about to throw it at Fayez Shakr

TV host: No, no... Guys, guys...

TV host restrains Mustafa Allouch, and Fayez Shakr makes his way towards them

Fayez Shakr: Your sister...

TV host: Guys, guys...

TV crew members come on the set to help separate the two politicians

Cut to commercial break

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