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Jun 16, 2020
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Lebanese Politician Walid Jumblatt: No More Than 250K Palestinians In Lebanon; They Should Be Given Right To Work; We Shouldn't Pin Hope On U.S. Elections, No U.S. President Has Ever Done Anything For The Palestinian Cause

#8097 | 01:57
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt said in a June 16, 2020 interview on Palestine TV that he continued to try to help the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by confronting what he said are racist attacks by the "multifaceted Lebanese right" regarding the issue of repatriation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. He said that there are at most 250,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and he argued that they must be given the right to work. In addition, Jumblatt expressed his support of Edward Said’s idea for the establishment of the binational Arab-Jewish state in Palestine and he argued that hopes should not be pinned on U.S. elections since no U.S. President has ever done anything for the Palestinian cause.

Walid Jumblatt: "What can I personally do [for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon] from within the Lebanese borders? I tried – and continue to try as much as I can – to confront the racist attacks by the familiar and multifaceted Lebanese right regarding the issue of [Palestinian refugee] repatriation, and the attempts to inflate the number of Palestinians [in Lebanon]. According to UNRWA's figures, there are 190,000 Palestinians [in Lebanon]. Perhaps some families were not registered. Fine – 320,000 or 250,000. There are not 500,000 or 600,000 Palestinians in Lebanon. These Palestinians living in Lebanon must be given the right to work.


"Let us present Palestine as a state [under] occupation. That's my opinion. We should return to Edward Said's theory of a binational state with Arab and Jewish citizens. This was Edward Said's idea. Let it be.


"Tell me which U.S. President has done anything for the Palestinian cause? Nobody has. Why do we always pin hopes on the American elections? I have known this broken record since my first days in politics. We have always pinned hopes... Some politicians... What President can be released from the Zionist pressures in his second term? That's the greatest lie in history."

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