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Nov 13, 2015
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Lebanese Politician: Statues of Al-Assad, "Leader of War on Terrorism", Should Be Erected in Paris and Berlin

#5166 | 01:37
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a recent TV interview, Dr. Yahya Ghaddar, secretary-general of the Arab-Islamic Gathering to Support the Choice of Resistance, said that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad "leads the war on terrorism" and that "they should erect statues of him in Paris, in Berlin, and in all European capitals." In the interview, which aired on Al-Mayadeen TV on November 13, Ghaddar also cited a 9/11 conspiracy theory, saying that the CIA was to blame for the attacks.

Following are excerpts:

Dr. Yahya Ghaddar: [The West] must now cooperate with the leaders of the real war on terrorism: the Syrian leadership, headed by President Bashar Al-Assad. They should erect statues of him in Paris, in Berlin, and in all European capitals.

The day will come when they will criticize their previous positions, and President Al-Assad, who leads the war on terrorism, will become a global symbol, having defeated terrorism.


Who carried out 9/11? Who knew about it? The CIA had known about it. The Mossad was in the loop. Just recently, the Association of American Engineers conducted a study about 9/11 and how it happened, and they placed the blame on the CIA. They said that this could not have happened just because of a plane. It is clear that there was intelligence coordination in this case.


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