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Aug 10, 2023
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Lebanese Politician Fares Souaid: Dialogue With Hizbullah Is The Best Option; Without Support Of Regional Powers Like Israel, Saudi Arabia, And Syria, The Christian Parties Are Not Ready To Confront Hizbullah Militarily

#10439 | 01:52
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Maronite politician Fares Souaid said in an August 10, 2023 interview on MTV (Lebanon) that Fadi Bejjani, a Lebanese Christian who was killed during clashes between Hizbullah militants and local Christians in Kahaleh, was a hero and martyr. He said, however, that the Christian political parties are not ready to enter into a military clash with Hizbullah and should instead opt for dialogue with Hizbullah, since waging war against Hizbullah without the involvement of a foreign power such as Israel, Syria, or Saudi Arabia would be futile.

Fares Souaid: "The heroic martyr Fadi Bejjani [who was killed by Hizbullah]… Anyone in my town or in yours…"

Interviewer: "Would get his gun and defend himself."

Souaid: "If I saw a stranger with a gun, in the middle of my town, shooting at children, the least I would do is get my weapon and shoot him."

Interviewer: "In addition, he was standing on the steps of the church, which is symbolic."

Souiad: "Right. However, this heroic act by Fadi Bejjani does not mean that there is a political decision or readiness among the Christian political parties to enter a military clash with Hizbullah.


"Today, leaving the dialogue [with Hizbullah], deciding that we want to reconsider it because of what happened - the balance of power does not allow us to get anything more [than this dialogue]. What is the opposite of dialogue? Violence. If we are capable of using violence, let's do it.

"If anyone in the Arab world or in the region says that they will support us... If you can get an Ariel Sharon to enter Lebanon with 100,000 soldiers, you have my support. I say this out in the open. If you are capable of doing this, I support you. If you can bring back the 1976 version of Hafez Al-Assad, who came to help us in Tel Al-Zaatar – go for it. If you can get Saudi Arabia to support you, count me in. However, all of this is impossible. Impossible. If we are called to enter a futile war that will only further erode Lebanon's character, then no. I support the dialogue again and again."


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