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Aug 09, 2021
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Lebanese Politician Serge Dagher: Hizbullah's Weapons Serve The Policies Of Iran's Axis In The Region, Not Lebanon's

#9033 | 01:19
Source: The Internet - "Sawt Beirut International (Lebanon)"

Lebanese politician Serge Dagher, Secretary-General of the Phalanges Party, said that his problem with Hizbullah's weapons is that they serve the policies of Iran's axis in the region. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Sawt Beirut International (Lebanon) on August 9, 2021. Dagher said that proof of this is that Hizbullah does not use its weapons in South Lebanon, but rather it is present in the Syrian cities of Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour and in Iraq, it trains the Houthis in Yemen, and ships Captagon to Venezuela.

Serge Dagher: "At one point, [Hizbullah] started celebrating its liberation [from Israel], and the pretext of Shebaa Farms emerged. This is the biggest lie. I'll tell you why later. My problem with [Hizbullah's] weapons is that they are directly serving the policy of Iran's axis in the region. It no longer benefits Lebanon. Proof of this is that these weapons are not used to fight in South Lebanon. [Hizbullah] is fighting in Raqqa and in Deir Al-Zour and they say that if Iran is attacked, they will attack from here. They are present in Iraq, they train the Houthis in Yemen, and they deliver Captagon to Venezuela. So don't talk to be about the so-called 'weapons of the Resistance.' Today, these are the weapons of the Hizbullah militia, which is not a Lebanese resistance [group]. They call themselves 'the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.' These weapons play a role. They say that they are part of [Iran's] axis. So I have nothing in common with those weapons, which harm Lebanon."

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