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Sep 06, 2020
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Lebanese Politician Najah Wakim: U.S. Perpetrated Beirut Port Explosion; FBI Joined Investigation In Order To Hide The Truth

#8282 | 02:50
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese politician Najah Wakim, the Head of the People's Movement, said in a September 6, 2020 interview on Al-Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the United States and Israel are behind the recent explosion at the Beirut port. He said that the Americans had a motive to do this because they are currently building a railroad from Haifa to Riyadh and because they want the Haifa port to be open to the region while the Beirut port is closed. He also claimed that intervention by the FBI and other foreign bodies in the investigation of the explosion are an indication that the Americans have something to hide.

Najah Wakim: "The Beirut port explosion was caused by American and Israeli intelligence. What's the proof? First of all, whenever there is a crime, the motive needs to be investigated. At this point, while the Americans... Of course, they are pressuring the Gulf and those leaders... They [want] to open the Haifa port to the entire region, while the Beirut port is forced to close. On the one hand, under American supervision and management, a railroad [is being built], and it is said that it will stretch all the way from Haifa to Riyadh and the Gulf. At the same time, this explosion takes place in Beirut. Furthermore, from the get go, the [establishment of] an international investigation committee was suggested, and the majority of Lebanese people rejected this. They opposed an international investigation and wanted a domestic Lebanese investigation. Before we even had time to summon anybody, the FBI forced itself in and said that it wants to participate in the investigation. They claimed that Lebanon had requested this. The investigation committee, or whatever judicial body is responsible for the investigation, still hadn't been established, nor had it decided to request foreign assistance. Yet the FBI, as well as the French, nonetheless said, 'Here we are.'"


Host: "Can [the Americans] really hide the truth even if the Lebanese judiciary is present in one way or another?"

Wakim: "Yes, they can. Otherwise, why would they have come? In order to hide the truth. Why is this important to them? Because they are the perpetrators. The Americans are the ones who blew up the Beirut port. I don't know if they used the Israeli intelligence or..."

Host: "Or maybe through a local pawn [of theirs]."

Wakim: "It could be anyone, but it doesn't really matter. What’s important is who is behind the operation and who gave the order, and that was the Americans."

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