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Jan 10, 2023
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Ibrahim Murad, President Of Lebanon's Syriac Union Party: If Hizbullah Wants To Turn Us Into Dhimmis, We Must Fight It Militarily; Traitors And Collaborators Should Be Hung From Electric Poles; Political Methods Will Get Us Nowhere; Revolution Requires Blood

#10064 | 03:15
Source: Online Platforms - "Lebanon On YouTube Channel"

In an interview that was posted to the Lebanon On YouTube channel on January 10, 2023, Lebanese politician Ibrahim Murad, the President of the Universal Syriac Union Party, called for armed resistance against Hizbullah. He said that political methods will achieve nothing and that Hizbullah needs to be besieged in its own areas. Murad also said that the only solution to the situation in Lebanon would involve global powers coming in and implementing the U.N. resolutions, but that if this does not happen, the Lebanese people are "destined to emigrate or live under a dictatorship." He elaborated that the global powers would only intervene if Lebanon had "a real opposition," and that such a revolt would require the shedding of blood. In addition, he said that he is personally ready to take up arms if his honor is violated or if he is turned into a dhimmi because he is Christian. Moreover, he said that "traitors and collaborators, and the people who starved us, impoverished us, and killed our children and our relatives in the hospitals" should be hanged from electric poles or dragged behind cars. On January 16, 2023, Murad was taken in for questioning by Lebanon's authorities for his remarks.

Ibrahim Murad: "I say it like it is. I don't like to cut corners. For 100 years, we Christians have been paying the price for the sake of the coexistence lie. Everybody is conspiring against us, our rights, our existence, and our interests. All the while, we are lost, and do not think what will become of us in 20-30 years. This land, which we irrigated with the blood of thousands of martyrs... We do not think what will become of us in 15-20 years, in light of this regime and this [Iranian] occupation, which everybody refuses to fight militarily.


"With Iran's support, money, and weapons, Hizbullah is stronger than all the Lebanese. If there is any strategic planning and if there are any patriotic people, and if we want real coexistence, we should lay siege to this terroristic militia in its own areas. We should go there and confront it.


"I called for armed resistance, because I do not think we can get anywhere with Hizbullah using political means. If you do not confront it militarily, it will devour you.


"What are we waiting for? Why aren't we confronting [Hizbullah]? It is just like the Syrian occupation, the Palestinian occupation, or the Israeli occupation in south Lebanon. How do you want to confront it? There are two options. Either you pressure the countries that call the shots to come here and implement the U.N. resolutions — especially Resolution 1559, under Chapter VII — and if these countries refuse to do so, like some politicians say, you must take the initiative, launch armed resistance, confront [Hizbullah] and besiege it in its own areas. You should liberate the Lebanese from this captivity. Otherwise, we will be destined to emigrate or live under a dictatorial rule.


"We have sacrificed tens of thousands of martyrs to protect this country, so it would be a country for everybody seeking freedom and life of justice. We will not accept [the current situation]. We will not accept it. I fought, was wounded, was persecuted, and displaced during the Syrian occupation, and I am ready to bear arms and fight, if my honor is violated, or of they want to turn me into a dhimmi.


"The West will not intervene if we do not have a real opposition here. Real opposition and revolution require blood. We should grab all the traitors and collaborators, and the people who starved us, impoverished us, and killed our children and our relatives in the hospitals...


"We should drag them tied with cables to cars. We should hang them from electric poles. You should be determined to fight — both militarily and by other means."

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