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Dec 08, 2004
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Lebanese Politician Hareth Suleiman: Peace with Israel is an Impossibility

#405 | 01:06
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Hareth Suliman who heads the Lebanese Democratic Revival Party:

Hareth Suliman: Some of the viewers talked about peaceā€¦ Peace with Israel is impossible, but a settlement is possible. A settlement means that the conflict will continue. It is impossible to end the conflict between the Israeli enemy and ourselves. In each stage this conflict takes a specific form. We reach settlement and the conflict assumes a different form, but it continues. Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty. It was called a peace treaty. So why did Israel send 'Azzam 'Azzam to spy on Egypt if there is a peace treaty? The enemy does not forget that we are its enemy, and we must not forget that it is our enemy.

American democracy is like a watermelon. It's red and sweet on the inside, but bitter and green on the outside. Within America there is real democracy, but you must differentiate between what goes on inside and outside.

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