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Aug 24, 2022
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Lebanese Politician Firas Al-Shoufi: We Should Bomb All Of Israel's Offshore Oil Rigs; We Can Only Get What Is Rightfully Ours By Force

#9804 | 01:42
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese politician Firas Al-Shoufi, the spokesman of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, said in an August 24, 2022 show on OTV (Lebanon) that every offshore oil rig belonging to Israel should be bombed. Speaking about the maritime border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, he said that this is the first time that anyone has stood up and opposed American and Israeli attempts to plunder resources in the region. He also said that his party does not recognize any maritime border that is demarcated between Israel and Lebanon, and he emphasized that force is the only means by which the Lebanese people can reclaim what is rightfully theirs from Israel.

Firas Al-Shoufi: "For 100 years, the French and the British — and even the Americans in the 1940s — would come and get their hands on the natural resources of the region, including the oil and all the fuel in the belly of the Earth. They ruled us for 60-70 years with their companies in order to control the resources of the region. Today, the same thing is happening. One form of energy is replaced by another — now it's [natural] gas and renewable energies, like wind and solar. Today, we encounter imperialism in a different cloak — America and Israel have come to take over these resources. However, for the first time, someone is saying to them: 'No, you are not allowed to steal the resources of this country, without me getting my share.'


"The Israeli mentality is bringing the confrontation closer. If the resistance agrees today... As a political party, we oppose the negotiations, and we do not recognize any line [dividing the maritime border]. We call for the bombing of every drilling rig in..."

Interviewer: "Wow!"

Al-Shoufi: "Absolutely, every drilling rig in the Syrian basin, from southern Lebanon to southern occupied Palestine."

Interviewer: "So, how will we get what is rightfully ours, if you do not negotiate directly?"

Al-Shoufi: "Unless you use force against these people, you will never get what is rightfully yours."

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