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Jul 04, 2020
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Former Lebanese Minister Ahmed Fatfat: Hizbullah Is Occupying Lebanon, Is The Country's Main Problem; It Must Be Dismantled

#8134 | 01:15
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese politician Ahmed Fatfat said in a July 4, 2020 interview on MTV (Lebanon) that all the militias in Lebanon, first and foremost of which he said is Hizbullah, should be dismantled in accordance with the Taif Agreement and the Lebanese constitution. He said that in his view, Hizbullah has carried out acts of terrorism, is Lebanon's main problem, and is preventing any reforms from taking place. Furthermore, he said that Hizbullah is not a legitimate political party, that it is occupying Lebanon and its political decision-making process, that it believes in Iran's Rule of the Jurisprudent rather than the Lebanese constitution, and that its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is effectively the person ruling Lebanon.

Ahmed Fatfat: "The Taif Agreement requires all the militias to be dismantled. We need to look at what's in the Taif Agreement and in the constitution. The Taif Agreement says that there shall be no weapons other than those of the State of Lebanon."

Host: "Which militia do you want to dismantle today?"

Fatfat: "First of all, Hizbullah."

Host: "Hizbullah is a militia?"

Fatfat: "Of course it is. What else could it be?"

Host: "It's not a resistance movement?"

Fatfat: "No. It was a resistance movement when it was fighting Israel, but when it invades Beirut, the word 'militia' describes it very mildly. As far as I'm concerned, this is an act of terrorism.


"In my view, Hizbullah is the country's main problem. There can be no solution, no reform, and no escape from any economic or political crisis as long as these illegal weapons exist.


"We are currently under occupation. The Hizbullah militia, which represents Iran, is occupying Lebanon and the political decision-making process.


"Hizbullah believes in the Rule of the Iranian Jurisprudent, and not in the Lebanese constitution.


"Today, Lebanon's real ruler is Hassan Nasrallah. He is effectively the President. Let's not deceive ourselves."

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