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Jul 15, 2022
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Lebanese Politician Wehbe Katicha: The Lebanese Government, Army Should Fight Hizbullah, Restore Balance Of Power By Force; Hizbullah Says It Can Fight Israel, But This Would Be Like Entering The Ring With Mike Tyson

#9691 | 02:44
Source: The Internet - "Lebanon On YouTube Channel"

Former Lebanese MP General (Ret.) Wehbe Katicha said in a video posted on the Lebanon YouTube channel on July 15, 2022 that the Lebanese government and military – and not local administrations or political parties – must confront and defeat Hizbullah. Katicha also said that Hizbullah claims that it can effectively fight Israel, but that in reality, Israel's military is so powerful that starting a war against it would be like entering the ring with Mike Tyson. For more about Wehbe Katicha, see MEMRI TV Clips 8205 and 7463.

Wehbe Katicha: "As Lebanese, we confront [Hizbullah] culturally on a daily basis. A military confrontation is unlikely, but it is necessary. The first military confrontation needs to be between Hizbullah and the state, I wish this confrontation is with the state and not with the parties that refuse to submit to Hizbullah. The people of Achrafieh, Jounieh, and Tripoli refuse to abide by the laws of Hizbullah, which controls everything. Tripoli will build its own port. Therefore, I am worries that unless there is a sovereign president, who takes it upon himself to confront Hizbullah, there will be, God forbid, local administrations that will refuse to obey Hizbullah and will have their own plans."


Interviewer: "You say that there has to be a military confrontation between Hizbullah and the state institutions. Who do you mean? The Lebanese army must confront Hizbullah?"

Katicha: "Of course. Once there is a real state with a prime minister who relies on a parliamentary majority, and there is a defense minister, and the army will take control of the border and prevent the plastering of Soleimani posters on the road to the airport... absolutely. The state should control everything, and it should fight anyone who fights it.  There is no other way.

"Hizbullah has shattered the balance of power with its weapons, and you need to use the state's weapons in order to restore that balance.


"[Nasrallah] compares himself to the Israeli arsenal. The Israeli arsenal consists of 700 attack aircraft, twenty airports, tanks, [air] defense, and in addition to that, 75 nuclear bombs, each of which can destroy a city the size of Beirut. How do you achieve a balance of power with this? It's a lie, but he continues to mess around. Can you reach a balance of power like that? It's like one of you entering the ring with Mike Tyson. You can mess around, and he will fall to the ground, but can you survive the blows he will land on you after that? With one blow, he will knock you out."

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