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Jan 03, 2023
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Lebanese Politician Camille Dory Chamoun: We Should Sacrifice The 'Resistance' For The Sake Of Lebanon, Not The Other Way Around; Otherwise, Our Areas Should Be Separated From Those Controlled by Hizbullah

#10043 | 01:26
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese MP Camille Dory Chamoun, the leader of the National Liberal Party and grandson of Lebanon's second President Camille Chamoun, said on a January 3, 2023 show on Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) that he believes that the "resistance" no longer plays a positive role in Lebanon and that it has now become a burden. He also said that the Lebanese people are tired of wars and of the mass emigration from the country, stating: "We will not sacrifice Lebanon for the sake of the resistance." He added that people who think Lebanon is "doing great" are free to live with the "resistance, the smuggling, and the chaos that we are seeing today," but should do so in their own areas. For more information about Camille Dory Chamoun, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 8898.

Camille Dory Chamoun: "I believe that the role of the resistance in Lebanon is over. It hurts us. It has become a burden more than a symbol of victory. They should leave their glory days behind and move on to a new phase. Today, the Lebanese people are weary of wars, catastrophes, displacement, and the massive emigration. Most of our children live abroad.

"If we continue this way, we will destroy this country for good. We are not prepared to continue this way. We will not sacrifice Lebanon for the sake of the resistance. We would rather sacrifice the resistance and let Lebanon live. Honestly."

Interviewer: "But half of Lebanon thinks differently. You need to consider the other opinion."

Chamoun: "If they think that our country is doing great, with the resistance, the smuggling, and the chaos that we are seeing today — fine, let them live in their areas and we will live in ours."

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