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Jun 27, 2022
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Lebanese Political Scientist Monsignor Camille Moubarak: Russia Had No Choice But To Invade Ukraine – Putin Is Fighting On Behalf Of The Whole World; The U.S. Is An Even Bigger Enemy Of Lebanon And The Middle East Than Israel

#9673 | 02:17
Source: Online Platforms - "Sout Beirut International on YouTube"

Lebanese political scientist and Maronite priest Monsignor Camille Moubarak said in a June 27, 2022 show on Sout Beirut International (Lebanon) that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been forced to invade Ukraine because it refused to accept his demands, and that he is fighting on behalf of the entire world. He said that Putin's Russia is not a dictatorship like the USSR, but rather a place of "fraternity, faith, friendship, and moderation". In addition, Moubarak said that the United States is a bigger enemy to Lebanon and the Middle East than Israel is and that Americans live in comfort because the U.S. has stolen all of the world's money. For more about Monsignor Camille Moubarak, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8610 and 8485.

Monsignor Camille Moubarak: "Our number one enemy is the obvious enemy."

Interviewer: "Israel?"

Moubarak: "Yes, Israel. Then we have Israel's nanny, the United States of America. The U.S. is the enemy of the whole world, not just our enemy. It has destroyed the entire Middle East. My dear friends say to me: 'If you wanted to emigrate, wouldn't you go to the U.S., where there is security and comfort?' I say to them: 'Of course there is comfort there. They stole the money of the whole world. They didn't leave anybody with any money.'


"We were part of the Soviet bloc, and now we are in the Russian bloc."

Interviewer: "What is the difference between the two?"

Moubarak: "There is a big difference between a political system that was ruled by dictatorship, and another political system that is ruled by fraternity, faith, friendship, and moderation."

Interviewer: "Wow, you really love Russia, don't you?"

Moubarak: "I will hold what Putin is doing sacred, from here to the end of the world."

Interviewer: "You mean the war?"

Moubarak: "Putin is waging a war on behalf of the whole world. I hope that he launches 60 wars."

Interviewer: "But he launched a war against people, against a country. Ukraine was a peaceful and calm country."

Moubarak: "Putin is not fighting just for Russia. He is fighting for you and me. He is fighting on behalf of all the peaceful people, who are incapable of fighting the ideological and biological terrorism. He is fighting on our behalf. Are we supposed to oppose him? I am against the war..."

Interviewer: "But you support him in his war against Ukraine."

Moubarak: "Because they did not accept his [demands] peacefully. What could he have done?"

Interviewer: "So he's a dictator, in this sense. If you do not accept it peacefully, he launches a war, and invades your country."

Moubarak: "No, they declared war against him. History will show this. Today's media outlets conceal the truth."


Interviewer: "Do you consider America to be an enemy?"

Moubarak: "Absolutely! The U.S., not the continent. The number one enemy of Lebanon and all the people of the Middle East is the United States. More than Israel."

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