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May 12, 2015
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Lebanese Political Debate on the War in Syria Deteriorates into Exchange of Insults

#4912 | 02:25
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Guests on a Lebanese TV show recently hurled insults at one another during a political debate on Hizbullah's involvement in the war in Syria. Things got heated when Tareq Chindeb, a professor of international law, criticized Hizbullah, and former Lebanese MP Nasser Kandil responded by telling the host to "kick him out of the studio."

Following is an excerpts from the show, which aired on OTV on May 12, 2015.

Tareq Chindeb: When [Hizbullah] brags about its May 7 [2008 Beirut takeover], calling it a glorious day, and saying that they would do it again… It is shameful, cowardly, and perfidious to kill 65 civilians in Beirut and then brag about it.

TV host Jean Aziz: Why is the Lebanese army being attacked?

Tareq Chindeb: I will answer you. You gave my colleague 10 minutes, so give me 10 as well.

TV host Jean Aziz: I will. Just answer my questions.

Tareq Chindeb: I will. This policy, which is based on killing, treachery, betrayal, and targeting civilians, is the policy of the other side. They pretend to wage resistance, and purport to defend the Shrine of Zaynab. They [had threatened] to fire missiles that would reach Haifa and beyond, but ultimately struck Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs. Anyone who brags about killing 65 civilians in Beirut a vile coward.


TV host Jean Aziz: When a terrorist slaughters a human being – I'm beginning to say this even if it infuriates you – the victim's shoe is worth more than all their beards combined.

Tareq Chindeb: I won't let you say this!

TV host Jean Aziz: I'll say it anyway!

Tareq Chindeb: Growing a beard is a religious tradition.

TV host Jean Aziz: I'm talking only about the terrorists…

Tareq Chindeb: I protest! This is a religious tradition…

TV host Jean Aziz: I'm talking only about the terrorists.

Tareq Chindeb: Hassan Nasrallah and Patriarch Sfeir also grow their beards.

TV host Jean Aziz: I'm talking about the terrorists…

Tareq Chindeb: Hassan Nasrallah grows his beard.

TV host Jean Aziz: I'm talking about the terrorists, so don't put words into my mouth.

Tareq Chindeb: Any terrorist should be punished by law.

TV host Jean Aziz: What about a terrorist who slaughtered a soldier…

Tareq Chindeb: He should be punished. We do not accept terrorism. When I do my job as a lawyer… Why is this son-of-a-bitch laughing at me?

Nasser Kandil: Get him out of here! If this is a respectable show, it cannot tolerate this abomination and stupidity. Kick him out of the studio, so I don't have to do it myself.

The show is cut off


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