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May 30, 2020
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Pro-Iran Lebanese Political Analyst Anis Al-Naqqash: Iran Can Help Venezuela; Missiles From Caracas Can Hit U.S. Cities And Oil Rigs; Israel Will Be Destroyed, Perhaps In Less Than 5 Years

#8044 | 03:29
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese political analyst Anis Al-Naqqash said in a May 30, 2020 interview on NBN TV (Lebanon) that America can't do anything against Iran. He said that Iran is not limited to the Persian Gulf region with regard to retaliation against America and that Venezuela might not remain silent if Iranian oil tankers in the region are harassed. He explained that prior to the recent arrival of Iranian oil tankers in Venezuela, the Venezuelan government had tested powerful surface-to-surface and anti-ship missiles, which he said surprised the Americans. He elaborated that Iran could help Venezuela with weapons and technical assistance in the same way that it has helped Gaza and the Houthis in Yemen, and he pointed out that missiles with a range of 2,500 kilometers can reach from Venezuela to American oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and American cities. Furthermore, Al-Naqqash said that it is very possible that Israel will be annihilated in the next five years and that the only thing preventing the destruction of Israel is the United States, which he predicted will soon collapse. Al-Naqqash was involved in a 1975 terrorist attack in which three people were killed. He was sentenced to life in prison in France but was pardoned after serving ten years.

Anis Al-Naqqash: "It's game over. America got a beating and kept silent. There is nothing America can do [against Iran]. Some say: 'Okay, you can challenge them in the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, but the response will come elsewhere.' My response is: Who says Iran can only retaliate in its vicinity or in the Gulf against the United States? Who says that Venezuela will remain silent if the Iranian tankers are harassed? Before the arrival of the [Iranian] tankers, Venezuela conducted an exercise and tested accurate missiles with high explosive yield - a surface-to-surface missile and an anti-ship missile. This was a message that surprised the Americans, who did not think that these missiles exist in Venezuela.


"[Iran] managed to arm besieged Gaza with such missile capabilities and provided technical assistance to the [Houthi] Yemenis, and this enabled them to produce missiles with a range of hundreds of kilometers, and in the future, it will be thousands of kilometers... Can't the same [Iran] support Venezuela? I wrote on Facebook a year ago that a missile with a 2,500-kilometer range that is launched from Caracas can reach the Gulf of Mexico and hit the American oil rigs, as well as American cities.


"I see the war to liberate Palestine and end the Zionist entity in less than a decade – if not in less than five years even. I expect it to be soon.

Interviewer: "It can be in less than five years?"

Al-Naqqash: "Yes, that is very possible. This means that we will not make do with sending five tankers to Venezuela. Rather, we will annihilate the most important entity in West Asia and the Middle East. Despite the American support, the U.S. will not be able to save it.

Interviewer: "Aren't you underestimating the American capabilities?"

Al-Naqqash: "People see a picture in its three dimensions, but I see it in all four dimensions, including the ones from the future. This is why I conclude that the strategic circumstances that provided protection for Israel begun to collapse. The United States, which is the leader of this global system that supports Israel will be paralyzed in this war. Let me tell you something more honestly. What stops the resistance today from starting and winning a war against the Zionist entity are not the Israeli capabilities but the central position of the U.S. This central position [of the U.S.] delays the war, because we know for sure that it will become easier for us in the near future, once [the U.S.] collapses and is unable to intervene in the war."

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