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Jun 10, 2012
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Lebanese New Age Guru Maryam Nour: Jews Rule the World because of Arab Ignoramuses

#3471 | 02:18
Source: LBC/LDC TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a TV show featuring Lebanese New Age guru Maryam Nour and Ali Haydar, an expert on natural disasters. The show aired on LBC TV on June 10, 2012.

Interviewer: Some said these were comets and others called them UFOs in the Lebanese skies, but then, the USSR… or rather, Russia said that it had conducted a missile test, which strayed from its planned course. This missile was visible in the skies, and people began to think that they were seeing UFOs, flying saucers, or aliens.


Maryam Nour: Let’s cut to the chase. There is no smoke without fire. In 1946 [sic], they made the film “Cocoon.” The [aliens] came to America. About 20 years ago, the “Other Side” was living with me, in my home in America.


Listen, this is not religion. This is the truth. The human body dies. Ashes to ashes…

Ali Haydar: That’s right, and nothing is left of us. We are eating by bacteria. End of story.

Maryam Nour: End of story?! Where does your soul go?

Ali Haydar: There is no soul according to science.

Maryam Nour gets up and collects her papers

Ali Haydar: Many people have bowed down to science. You’re not the first one.

Maryam Nour: With your permission, I’ll take my leave. I don’t want to sit with ignoramuses.

Ali Haydar: You shouldn’t be allowed to sit here before you change your mentality.

Maryam Nour: Enough. You are all ignoramuses. This is what the world has come to. 14 million Jews have the world under their boot because of people like you…

Ali Haydar: The only boot here is your tongue. You should enroll in first year at university.

Maryam Nour: You say the Prophet’s nocturnal journey never happened? Shame on you!

Ali Haydar: Shame on you yourself.

Maryam Nour walks out of the studio

Maryam Nour: Please let me go…

Interviewer: Maryam, do you want me to come and calm you down?

Maryam Nour: No, I want to speak with you alone. What kind of people do you bring here? Ignoramuses.

Ali Haydar: You should enroll in first year at university before you become worthy of sitting here next to me.


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