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Aug 03, 2020
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Lebanese MP Wehbe Katicha: Why Should Four Million Lebanese Bear The Brunt Of The Palestinian Cause On Behalf Of The Entire Arab Nation?

#8205 | 02:08

Lebanese MP Wehbe Katicha said in an August 3, 2020 interview on OTV (Lebanon) that Hizbullah and Lebanon can do little against Israel, and that Hizbullah's missiles and weapons actually serve to control Lebanon and incorporate it in the Iranian-Syrian "axis." "Why should four million Lebanese bear the brunt of the Palestinian cause?" he asked.

Wehbe Katicha: "The Palestinians have made peace with Israel..."

Interviewer: "Oof..."

Katicha: "They have their own state in Ramallah and Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas]..."

Interviewer: "Their goal is to achieve an independent Palestinian state within certain borders, with Jerusalem as its capital. How can you say that they have made peace?"

Katicha: Okay, so it is not over yet, but why should four million Lebanese people bear the brunt of this cause, when there are 400 million Arabs around us, and they have all done something... Some have made peace [with Israel], and some..."

Interviewer: "What about the Lebanese occupied lands and our territorial waters?"

Katicha: "Will Hizbullah's weapons get us our sea and the Shebaa Farms back?"

Interviewer: "These are weapons of deterrence."

Katicha: "You are talking to a man of the military. I'm a professional soldier."

Interviewer: "Don't we need some sort of deterrence?"

Katicha: "How many missiles does Hizbullah have? 150,000 to 200,000 missiles? If missiles could help the Palestinian cause, Egypt would have brought 10 million missiles. Iraq, Jordan, and Syria would have brought their missiles, too."

Interviewer: "But what about the Lebanese cause? We are in conflict with Israel."

Katicha: "But how are 150,000 missiles supposed to help the Lebanese cause against Israel, when Egypt's millions of missiles failed to do anything?"

Interviewer: "But isn't there a balance of terror?"

Katicha: "That's a big lie they tell."

Interviewer: "So what is the truth?"

Katicha: "The truth is that Hizbullah's weapons control the country, and it has taken the country hostage and prisoner, in order to incorporate it in the Iranian-Syrian axis. This is how we got to where we are today. That's the entire story, and whoever tells you he wants to regain the Shebaa Farms or whatever and talks about the maritime boundary...This is all meaningless."

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