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Jul 12, 2004
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Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt: I Support Suicide Operations,The Problem Is The Timing

#149 | 43
Source: Future TV (Lebanon)

Druze Leader Walid Jumblatt, a Lebanese MP, spoke in a political meeting held in solidarity with the hunger strike by Israeli MP Azmi Bishara. While Jumblatt was expressing his support of suicide bombings, the caption inserted by Al-Mustaqbal TV read 'Jumblatt stresses the need to spread democracy in the Arab World.' Following is an excerpt from MP Jumblatt's comments:

Jumblatt:I was among the first to support and I will always support martyrdom operations in Palestine. I said this in London on the BBC and I also said this to the "Velvet Society" at the Venice Hotel in Beirut and they were outraged - but I didn't care.

I only wish that those responsible for martyrdom operations would consider their timing, to avoid exploitation of some of these operations in order to foil, or rather overshadow international resolutions, as happened yesterday following the brave and just resolution of the International Court of Justice.

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