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Jul 09, 2023
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Lebanese MP Samy Gemayel, Leader Of Kataeb Party: Hizbullah Is Committing Domestic Violence, Raping The Lebanese People; I Refuse To Be A Second-Rate Citizen

#10395 | 01:55
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Lebanese MP Samy Gemayel, the leader of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, said in a July 9, 2023 interview with LBC TV (Lebanon) that his honor as a Lebanese citizen has been violated and that Lebanon has been hijacked by Hizbullah. He said that he refuses to live as a "second-class citizen" in his own country, and he explained that the government he has elected is not the body making decisions about its future. Gemayel said that today, Lebanese farmers cannot sell their produce in the Gulf because "someone" in Lebanon has shipped Captagon there, and he compared Hizbullah's conduct to domestic abuse against the Lebanese people, saying that it is raping and committing "daily violence" against the entire Lebanese people.

Samy Gemayel: "There is a political party in Lebanon that has its own militia, and this militia is accused of killing a Lebanese Prime Minister, and of the subsequent 13 assassinations. This militia threatens people, accuses them of treason, and sanctions their killing, by means of its media outlets and its mouthpieces.


"My honor as a Lebanese citizen has been violated. Why? Because the country that represents me has been hijacked. The government that I have elected is not making the decisions about my future. Someone else is making these decisions, against my will and the will of my country. Someone is embroiling me in conflicts that have nothing to do with me. Someone makes it impossible for Lebanese farmers to sell their products in the Gulf states, because he decided to ship Captagon there, and to curse them day and night. Someone has dragged us to adventures in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere, and has embroiled Lebanon in those problems. As a Lebanese, I refuse to live like a second-rate citizen in this country.


"There is no partnership [with Hizbullah]. It is more like domestic violence. If a family lives in a house... This is no family life. This is rape and daily violence against all the Lebanese."

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