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Aug 12, 2020
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Lebanese MP Fouad Makhzoumi: Hizbullah Is Stronger Than The Lebanese Government; Most Officials Are Hizbullah Collaborators; They Get Power, Hizbullah Gets To Keep Its Weapons

#8249 | 01:21
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

Lebanese MP Fouad Makhzoumi said in an August 12, 2020 interview on Alghad TV (Egypt/UAE) that Hizbullah is more powerful than the Lebanese government. He added that Lebanon's prime minister and parliament speaker can only be appointed if Hizbullah approves of them. Makhzoumi said that most Lebanese officials are Hizbullah collaborators and that the corrupt officials control the Lebanese government while Hizbullah gets to keep its weapons. He said that this is fine as long as Hizbullah is defending Lebanon, but that today Lebanon is facing regional powers that it cannot handle. In addition, he said that it is an embarrassment that Lebanon needs aid from other countries.

Interviewer: "Which of the two states is stronger?"

Fouad Makhzoumi: "Hizbullah's state is stronger. You know that today, it's impossible to appoint a prime minister... Hizbullah's state is stronger. A prime minister cannot be appointed without Hizbullah's approval. A parliament speaker cannot be appointed without Hizbullah's approval. Very few of us have successfully challenged them. Most people are [Hizbullah] collaborators. Tell me which judge, officer, or official can get [a job] with the state, without getting Hizbullah's approval. This equation has existed since 2005 – weapons in exchange for ruling the country. They say: 'You corrupt [people] can rule the country, and [we] get to keep our weapons.' So long as [Hizbullah's] weapons are defending Lebanon, everything is fine. But today, we are entangled in regional axes that we cannot endure. Lebanon cannot endure them. Imagine! Today a Jordanian or Moroccan plane needs to bring us water. Lebanon needs water, flour, and bread! Our entire lives, we've seen ourselves as a beacon in this region. What a disgrace!"

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