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Nov 28, 2004
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Lebanese Minister of Defense: Lebanon, Iran, and Syria Supply Hizbullah with Weapons

#387 | 02:52
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese Defense Minister 'Abd Al-Rahim Murad:

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: We still don't know who launched the last two missiles. Both Hizbullah and our Palestinian brothers say that they didn’t launch them. Sometimes there are undisciplined parties, Not all people must… You know…

Interviewer: Do undisciplined parties have missiles?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: You know, there was a big war in Lebanon, and everyone had missiles and weapons. All these things still exist.

Interviewer: When Hizbullah launched the remotely-piloted plane over Israel, or the heart of Israel…

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: "The occupied Palestinian lands." I prefer this term. Let's call it the "occupied Palestinian lands." Or the "Zionist enemy state."

Interviewer: Ok, the Zionist enemy state. Minister, is it possible that this was done without the authorization or knowledge of the Defense Ministry or the Lebanese government?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: No. There was no coordination with the Defense Ministry.

The Lebanese government continues its official support of the resistance until the very last inch is liberated.

Interviewer: You mean the resistance of Hizbullah…

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: Yes, the resistance of Hizbullah. Until the last inch of our lands in the Shab'a Farms are liberated. Hizbullah has some freedom in this matter.

Interviewer: Including launching airplanes?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: These planes are manufactured in a very simple way. Hizbullah has manufactured dozens of them.

Interviewer: Hassan Nasrallah said in…

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: in his famous "Jerusalem Day" speech said: We have dozens of these planes."

Interviewer: He also said that they could carry bombs weighing 40 or 50 kilograms.

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: Yes, this is "an eye for an eye." He said: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Hizbullah has created an equation with Israel on this matter.

Interviewer Does Hizbullah respond on behalf of the Lebanese government?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: It is the one that waged the war. We didn’t wage a regular war to liberate our lands. The war of resistance succeeded in defeating Israel and forcing it to retreat.

Interviewer: But from where does Hizbullah have these capabilities?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: Iranian aid, Syrian and Lebanese aid, aid from all parties – it's no secret, it's well known – with weapons, equipment, forces, and so on.

Interviewer: What sort of relationship is there between the army, or you, and Hizbullah?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: There is complete coordination and agreement regarding the role of the resistance.

Interviewer: Do they have a Carte Blanche or is there supervision?

'Abd Al-Rahim Murad: Our brothers from Hizbullah, the Islamic resistance, have the ability to distinguish between what will embarrass the official position and their right to continue the fighting, and honestly, they assess the circumstances well and act well. We are all aware of Hizbullah's great victory, which is the result of their wisdom, actions, and sacrifice, and the result of our support – the official and popular Lebanese support - of the resistance. This is what led to the victory.

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