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Jun 23, 2013
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Lebanese March 14 Politician Compares Hizbullah to Nazism and Fascism

#3912 | 01:52
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saleh El Machnouk, a Lebanese politician of the March 14 Alliance, which aired on Murr TV on June 23, 3013:

Saleh El Machnouk: Our country is occupied by a terror organization called Hizbullah. It controls the state, controls the security agencies...

Interviewer: How can you say that the resistance, which defends the land, is occupying it?

Saleh El Machnouk: That is a lie, which was born not today, but in 1983. The resistance to the occupation is a lie.

Interviewer: The liberation of South Lebanon was a lie?

Saleh El Machnouk: It is all a lie. Let me say clearly: If in 1991, the Syrian regime and Hizbullah had let the Lebanese army enter the south, Israel would have withdrawn that very day. It is all a lie.


Interviewer: You can criticize Hizbullah, but you must admit the victories they had.

Saleh El Machnouk: Hitler gained victories in World War II. That is not a criterion. Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini all had victories. Force is not a criterion for justice or patriotism. There is a core issue here – this country is under occupation. We must comprehend that we are living in an occupied country, with a terror organization – true, one that enjoys popular support, but an organization that is terrorist in nature and ideology.


The March 14 Alliance must not sit in the same government as Hizbullah, because this time, it is not a question of concessions. It is about treason. Anyone who sits with Hizbullah in the government is a traitor. This is complicity in the spilling of Syrian blood.


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