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Aug 12, 2022
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Lebanese Labor Minister Mustafa Bayram: I Call Hizbullah Every Month To Ask For Some Fuel For My Office And They Send Enough For Me To Have Electricity For Two Hours A Day

#9769 | 02:16
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Labor Minister Mustafa Bayram said in an August 12, 2022 show on OTV (Lebanon) that Lebanon will sieze its full oil and gas rights with "force and honor." He said that the Lebanese people will not be "sheep" and will not be like ISIS's victims who would "just wait for the knife." Bayram also said that Hizbullah has been supplying the Ministry of Labor with fuel for the past seven months at his request. In addition, he said that America supplies Israel with hundreds of billions of dollars in aid, but it only gives Lebanon peanuts, adding that Israel is Lebanon's enemy.

Mustafa Bayram: "Who saved Lebanon in the winter? Who saved the government-owned hospitals? Who saved the retirement homes? Who saved very large institutions? I am the Minister [of Labor]. Who brings fuel to my office? The Ministry of Labor serves all the Lebanese... All the ministries have [heating] fuel... I am talking about my Ministry of Labor. In the past seven months, the government has not sent me a single liter of fuel."

Interviewer: "Right, there isn't any."

Bayram: "So who brings me fuel?"

Interviewer: "You tell me."

Bayram: "Hizbullah."

Interviewer: "Really?"

Bayram: "I call them at the end of each month and ask them to help and save us. They send me 1,000 liters so I can have electricity two hours a day.


"America gives Israel every year over $10 billion in aid. Every year for decades. It amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. What do they give us? Peanuts. These peanuts are meant to keep us barely alive. That's it. America does not care about the Lebanese army and Hizbullah. It cares about Israel.


"[Israel] is an enemy. Our constitution, our law, and reality all say this. The Israelis cannot coexist within a secure environment. A tense environment and shifting strifes are a prerequisite for the survival of Israel. It is not us saying this. [Former Israeli PM] Rabin did.


"We will accomplish our goal and grab our oil and gas rights. Full stop.


"No matter what the [Israeli] answer [to Lebanon's demands] is, the outcome will be that we will wrest our rights with force and honor, and in a way that fits Lebanon's history and dignity. Lebanon will not die. Lebanon will not fall. Lebanon has rights. We are people with dignity. We will not be like sheep. We will not be like the people ISIS would tie down and they would just wait for the knife. We will never accept such a thing. Our goal is clear: We will grab our rights in full. In full! Even if it takes a long time, we will grab our rights."

Interviewer: "Are you optimistic?"

Bayram: "Of course I am."

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