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Jan 30, 2023
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Lebanese Media Expert And Activist Eli Khoury: Lebanon Should Be Completely Partitioned Like North And South Korea; They Can Do Their Hizbullah Salutes On Their Side, And Our Side Will Be A Modern, Respectable Country

#10141 | 01:42
Source: Online Platforms - "Saw Beirut International Radio on YouTube"

Lebanese media expert and activist Eli Khoury said in an interview that was posted to the Sawt Beirut International Radio YouTube on January 31, 2023 that Lebanon should be partitioned into two separate countries, in a fashion similar to North Korea and South Korea. He said that those who do the Hizbullah salute and accept such "nonsense" as Iran's Rule of the Jurisprudence will be on one side of the border, while the Lebanese people who want a modern and respectable country will be on the other side. He elaborated that anybody who tries to cross from the Hizbullah side to the modern side should have his legs broken.

Reporter:  "What's wrong with Suleiman Frangieh [as president]?"

Eli Khoury: "He's part of the 'resistance axis' — the loathsome and backwards axis. Why would I want him? [Hizbullah] believes in him? Fine, no problem. Just don't make him my president. They still believe in Bashar Al-Assad, the mullahs in Iran, and all those backward dinosaurs. How would it benefit me if you impose [Frangieh] as my president?


"You cannot legitimize your partner in this country if this partner does not want to live with you. Enough! You've become obnoxious. I don't want to live with you. What do you want from me?"

Reporter: "This is where we are heading? We have begun hearing calls for extended decentralization."

Khoury: "These calls are late."

Reporter: "Whoa..."

Khoury: "Absolutely. Brother, I even support partition. I'm not talking about sectarian partition. I'm talking about a partition like in Korea. Gangnam style..."

Reporter: "What does it mean...?"

Khoury: "Enough. Let them go. They can stand there until tomorrow morning, and do all those salutes. They can move there, to their own country, draw a border, and if they cross into my side, I will break their legs. Just like the partition between North Korea and South Korea. People who are willing to accept nonsense like the Rule of the Jurisprudence, and chats of 'We respond to your call, oh Whoever' will move to live there, and people who want a modern and respectable country that will focus on the economy and justice, will live here, and that's it."

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