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Jul 27, 2017
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Lebanese Journalist Nadia Shreim Al-Hajj Claims: U.S.-Western Conspiracy to Expel All the Christians from the Orient

#6213 | 01:03
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Nadia Shreim Al-Hajj said that there was "a Western conspiracy to expel all Christians from the Orient," claiming that churches were bombed in Iraq and Christians began to leave the country when the Americans arrived, and not during the Saddam regime. Her statements were made on Mayadeen TV on July 27.


Nadia Shreim Al-Hajj: "What did America do to the Iraqi Christians to make them leave Iraq? Is it merely a coincidence that Iraqi Christians did not emigrate in the days of Saddam Hussein, despite the wars he waged since his rise to power? When did the bombing of churches in Iraq begin? In 2004, under American watch. American soldiers were at the gates, guarding the churches as they were bombed. Is it a coincidence that when the Americans arrived in Iraq, Iraqi Christians began to leave it? It is no coincidence.




"We must be aware that there is a Western conspiracy to remove all Christians from the Orient. We must acknowledge this."

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