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Sep 13, 2018
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Lebanese Journalist Salem Zahran: Kuwaiti Emir Canceled Deals with China at Trump's Order: The Jews Rule the World

#6757 | 02:19
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Salem Zahran claimed that during a medical trip to the United States, the emir of Kuwait was forced by President Trump to cancel an $11 billion deal with the Chinese and sign a more expensive deal with American companies. He recalled Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s use of the phrase “slave of a slave” in 2005 to refer to Fouad Siniora, then prime minister of Lebanon, and said that this was an accurate description of the reality in the Arab world. Zahran said that there were "two types of Arabs: those who willingly ride the American bandwagon, clapping their hands, and those who are forced to, like Kuwait." He further said that even though they number no more than 21 million, “the [Jews] rule the world.” Zahran’s comments, made during a September 13 interview on Lebanon's Al-Manar TV, aroused controversy in the Arab media.

Following are excerpts:


Lebanese Journalist Salem Zahran: The emir of Kuwait traveled to the U.S. for medical check-ups, like he always does. Suddenly, he got a call from the White House… This story was told by a high-ranking diplomat. He got a call from the White House and was told he had a meeting with Trump. He went to the meeting with Trump which lasted five minutes. Trump said to him: "You signed deals with China that are worth $11 billion. Tomorrow, at 4 PM, American companies will come to you to make the same deals. Cancel your deals the Chinese and sign with the Americans. It will cost you more - $14 billion – but the quality is better." Next day, at 4 PM, his royal highness signed the new deals, and canceled the ones he already had. Then they said to him: "The law firm will take $50 million from you in order to deal with the annulment of the contracts." This is the situation of the Arabs nowadays. We love Kuwait and its emir, but unfortunately… When President Assad called one of the [Arab leaders] "a slave of a slave," many people got mad and said that this kind of talk was inappropriate, but it is the best description of the reality in the Arab world. There are two kinds of Arabs: those who willingly ride the American bandwagon, clapping their hands, and those who are forced onto the bandwagon, like Kuwait, for fear that [the Americans] would incite the entire region against them.




Go to any European country and ask how many Jews live there. When I was in Vienna, for example, I asked how many Palestinians live there, and I was told that there are about 100,000. When I asked how many Jews, they said some 1,200. But who control the city? The Jews.

Host: Of course.

Lebanese Journalist Salem Zahran: They control the commerce, the "downtown," the banks, the law firms, and the media. That's it. I don't know if the viewers know this, but the number of Jews in the world is no more than 21 million people. That equals about a quarter of the population of Egypt.

Host: It's like Cairo…

Lebanese Journalist Salem Zahran: Right. Cairo and Shobra. Twenty million people go in and out of Cairo and Shobra every day. The [Jews] rule the world.

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