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Dec 18, 2023
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Lebanese Journalist And Researcher Raghida Dergham: I Condemn Israel For Its Bombings In Gaza, But I Also Condemn Hamas For Building Their Tunnels Under Homes, Schools, And Hospitals

#10746 | 01:20
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot (Lebanon) on YouTube"

Lebanese journalist and researcher Raghida Dergham condemned Hamas on a December 18, 2023 interview with Spot Shot Online (Lebanon), saying that it uses civilians in Gaza as "human shields." She said that Israel should be condemned for bombing the hospitals, schools, and homes in Gaza, but Hamas has intentionally built its tunnels underneath them. Dergham added that Israel can "go to hell" as far as she is concerned, but "what did the Palestinians on the ground get from [the October 7 attack]?"

Raghida Dergham: "In the tunnels, [Hamas] has built a city within a city. But where are these tunnels? Under schools, hospitals, and homes. Now, if Israel is bombing all those places in order to destroy the tunnels, it should definitely be condemned, but Hamas should also be condemned for using civilians [as human shields] during the war. If you go to the International Criminal Court, Hamas will be placed on trial. At the end of the day, both sides should be condemned, because civilians are used, in contradiction with international law and conscience. The use of civilians is intentional.


"One Hamas leader said: 'We took a calculated risk.' In what way was it calculated? Where did it get us? Was the goal to humiliate Israel? Okay, we humiliated it. Sorry for my language, but Israel can go to hell, but what did the Palestinians on the ground get from this?"

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