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Jan 04, 2018
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Lebanese Journalist Ziad Njeim: I Refer to God as Female to Rebel against the Male-Dominated Religious Institutions

#6412 | 02:23
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

In a recent TV interview, Lebanese journalist Ziad Njeim said that the only thing he was sure of was his doubt that God exists. Zjeim refers to God as female "out of rebellion against the male-dominated religious institutions." "If men had any brains, they would not have brought the planet to such wretchedness," he said. In the interview, which aired on the Lebanese MTV channel on January 4, Njeim went on to shatter further taboos, citing the story of Mary Magdalene to support his claim that having multiple sex partners was normal for women and professing his respect for people who committed suicide, although it runs counters to religion. "Religion, in my opinion, is no criterion for goodness, humaneness, and compassion," said Njeim.


Host: "Do you acknowledge the existence of God  yes or no?"


Lebanese Journalist Ziad Njeim: "I question the existence of God. The only thing that I'm sure of is this doubt."


Host: "Sometimes you refer to God as male and sometimes as female."


Ziad Njeim: "I refer to God as female because I'm rebelling against male [dominance]… I'm rebelling against the male [dominance] in the religious institutions. Why isn't there a female pope? Why isn't there a female imam? Why isn't there a woman who…"


Second Host: "It is difficult…"


Ziad Njeim: "No, it isn't…"


Host: "What about 'Aisha, Fatima, and others… They were women."


Ziad Njeim: "C'mon, they don't really matter. The Vatican is full of men, Al-Azhar is full of men, Najaf is full of men, Qom is full of men, Buddha was a man, and the Dalai Lama is a man. They are all men, and I do not want anything to do with men. I think that if men had any brains, they would not have brought the planet to such wretchedness."




Ziad Njeim: "First of all, I have the right to deny the existence of God and the saints. Second, if God really is God and not a military base commander – well, He is merciful enough to give me the power and the right to deny Him.




"I support [Jesus] in many things, like the story of Mary Magdalene, which resolves the problem of sex in [our] society. It shows us that one can have a busy sexual life and still be pure of heart, whereas someone else, who never had sex in his life, might have an evil heart."


Host: "So what you are saying is that sex and multiple sex partners is a very normal thing for women – if they are not married, of course."


Ziad Njeim: "Exactly. It is very natural because…"


Host: "You also say that…"


Ziad Njeim: "It's not me saying this. I am only repeating what is known to science and knowledge.




"I respect those who commit suicide…"


Second Host: "Committing suicide runs counter to religion."


Ziad Njeim: "I couldn't care less. Religion, in my opinion, is no criterion for goodness, humaneness, and compassion."




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