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Jan 26, 2020
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Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich: Gebran Basil Is Like Cancer; He Will Cause Christians to Leave Lebanon

#7769 | 02:07
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich said in a January 26, 2020 interview on MTV (Lebanon) that former Lebanese foreign minister Gebran Bassil is a cancer in Lebanon's national and political life because he has been leading the "most arrogant and violent sectarian discourse in Lebanon's modern history" by fighting "imaginary" battles for the rights of Christians in Lebanon. He predicted that half a million Christians will leave Lebanon by the end of 2020 because of how bad the situation is for them. In addition, he said that anybody who is connected to Iran's destructive role in Lebanon will suffer the consequences, and he predicted that the situation in Lebanon is going to get much worse because of Iran's role in Lebanon.


Nadim Koteich: "[Former Lebanese FM] Gebran Bassil is a cancer in national and political life in Lebanon."


Interviewer: "A cancer?"

Nadim Koteich: "Yes. He is a real cancer...




"I say this because he led the most violent sectarian discourse in Lebanon's modern history."


Interviewer: "He talks about rights of the Christians. That's not sectarian talk."


Nadim Koteich: "If Samir Geagea does not believe that this is the way for the Christians to get their rights, don't expect me, a Lebanese Shi'ite, to believe this. What Christian rights are we talking about? Do you know how many Christians will leave the country because of Gebran Bassil's imaginary battles for their rights?"


Interviewer: "Do you have statistics that support this?"


Nadim Koteich: "Ask at the embassies. See what they tell you at the Canadian Embassy. If half a million Christians don't leave Lebanon by the end of 2022, then I don't understand anything about politics.




"The situation you see today is [relatively] luxurious. Today you can withdraw $200 from the bank, but in six weeks you won't be able to do that. Maybe even five weeks, or four weeks... People will eat one another in the streets. They want to fight America from within Lebanon? Good luck! This is the result. There is a major international decision to curb Iran's destructive role. This decision is supported by Arab forces, and these Arab and international forces see Lebanon as a major Iranian war room. They will disconnect our electricity and water...




"We need to talk about Lebanon's role. If Lebanon's role is to fight America... Okay, good luck. When you save the country, we will come back – we will leave and come back when you save the country. However, if Lebanon seeks to be neutral and work on its real problems... The people who want to defeat America – don't they need to eat and drink? Don't they need 1,500 calories per day so that they can stand on their feet and fight America? Where will they get their 1,500 calories from?"

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