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Aug 18, 2022
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Lebanese Journalist Maguy Farah: The Only Way To Stop Israel's Plots Is To End Its Existence, Throw The Israelis Into The Sea

#9779 | 01:33
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist and astrologer Maguy Farah said in an August 18, 2022 show on OTV (Lebanon) that Israel is "alien" to the region, and that the Israelis' shared Jewish religion does not amount to a valid national identity. She said that Israel has a plan to establish additional states in the region that are based on religion, and that the only way to stop its plans is to end its existence and throw the Israelis into the sea.

Maguy Farah: "Israel is a country that is alien to the region. It is a Jewish state that has nothing to do with... Religion cannot create a state and national identity. The next day, the people will have other conflicts. Religion is not enough to create a state and national identity. National identity is built on history, geography, customs, and language. This is what makes a national identity.

"You cannot create a state, call it a Jewish state... They did this. They created their state by force. I do not know how long it will last, but so long as it exists, it has a certain plan for the region.

"Their plan is to create other states like [Israel]. They started with the so-called "Arab Spring," and we saw that it was not genuine. According to their plan, there should be a state for the Shi'ites in Iraq, there should be an Alawite state in Syria, and next to it a Sunni state in Jordan...

"That's the plan. We do not accept this plan. We are fighting this plan. But to where would you take this war? Will we win? That is the question. For the meantime, their plan is moving forward."

Interviewer: "What can disrupt this plan?"

Farah: "Attacking Israel. Putting an end to their existence. Throwing them into the sea."

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