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Aug 07, 2019
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Lebanese Journalist Ghassan Jawad: We Are Paying the Price for Europe's Guilt about the Holocaust, Hitler, and the Treatment of the Jews

#7415 | 01:07
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Ghassan Jawad said in an August 7, 2019 interview on NBN TV (Lebanon) that Lebanon is "paying a price" because of Europe's "guilt complex" towards the Jews following WWII and following Adolf Hitler's actions. Mentioning a recent trip of his to Austria, he said that documentaries about Hitler and the Holocaust are aired 24/7 on the television and that newspapers discuss the Jews on a daily basis as a part of the "daily extortion."


Ghassan Jawad: The price we are paying is partly due to the European contradictions, especially following World War II. They have developed a guilt complex towards the Jews because of what Hitler did and because of what had been done even before Hitler.

Interviewer: The Zionist media was powerful, and…

Ghassan Jawad: I traveled to Austria for 10 days. There was nothing to watch [on TV] where I was staying, and I was watching a German documentary channel. I noticed that for 24 hours a day, they air documentaries about the Holocaust, and about what Hitler did, and about how Hitler did it… There is daily extortion. My friends tell me that even in the newspapers, they talk about the Jews on a daily basis.

Interviewer: They want to keep this matter alive.

Ghassan Jawad: Today, we are paying the price for this extortion.

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