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Nov 01, 2004
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Lebanese Journalist: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin Warn of the End of Jews

#323 | 02:56
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)
The following is an excerpt from an interview with Arafat Nizam Al-DinLebanese Journalist:

Arafat Nizam Al-Din: Israel and the Zionist lobby have succeeded in infiltrating every juncture of American political life over the course of years and through persistent effort, to the point where they have entered every aspect. In the Pentagon there wasn't… The Pentagon and the State Department were always sympathetic to the Arabs because of their interests and because of the military thinking that studies strategy and knows where the US interests and sources of power lie. But nowadays they have penetrated the Pentagon and the State Department. There are still some people and groups in the State Department who look after American interests and know where they lie.

Today I wrote in my article, as a kind of gift to the winner of the elections, who should know what the US interests are. I'm not talking about the Arabs' interests. We don't want the US to work for Arab interests, we want it to work for its own interests.

George Washington, the founder of the US and of its independence, the first president and forefather of US independence, has a famous saying that those [i.e. Jews] are the real enemies of the US. Jefferson, the third president, said, "If we do not succeed in holding them back and restraining them, they will take over all junctures…" It appears in his will.

Interviewer:And Franklin…

Arafat Nizam Al-Din: Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of independence, wrote in a document: "The American people, the American citizens will become their servants, if we do not pay heed…"

Interviewer: But these declarations… Some Arab intellectuals go back to statements made at least 250 years ago. The world has changed. Reality has changed.

Arafat Nizam Al-Din: But he had an important vision… You know, sometimes people make statements and after a while, it turns out that these were words of wisdom. They foretold the future. This is what really happened.

But let's forget the past. Only a few days ago somebody said – by God, I've forgotten his name, a very elderly senator…

Interviewer:Alain Menargues from France, was removed from his post…

Arafat Nizam Al-Din: Alain Menargues. But in the US, a famous senator, the oldest in the Congress, announced that he was stepping down and made some very serious statements. He said this Zionist lobby controls everything. Unfortunately I've forgotten his name. In addition there are many other people – the actor Marlon Brando, who just died, also said…

Interviewer: He is famous…

Arafat Nizam Al-Din: Larry King on his program warned about Jewish control of the film industry, the media, and everything.

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