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Oct 14, 2004
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Lebanese Journalist Criticizes Lebanese Government for its Subjugation to Syria

#298 | 01:51
Source: LBC/LDC TV (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Lebanese journalist Nabil Bu Munsif:

Bu Munsif: They say that Lebanon isn't capable of governing on its own. Lebanon isn't yet fit to run its own affairs. Even worse, what is the basis for this logic? It's the logic of the government itself. The [Lebanese] government itself goes to the Americans and says: "If you take the Syrians out of Lebanon – and there are protocols published today in Al-Nahar and other newspapers about Patterson's meeting with the Lebanese delegation – If you take the Syrians out of Lebanon it will collapse." You go and officially announce to the world: "If you take Syria out of Lebanon it will collapse?" I wonder. As a simple Lebanese citizen, I ask: "Where are the 90,000 Lebanese soldiers?" This is my logic. In my opinion they are committed and have the ability. Where are they? Why? Why do you say this to the world? Why do you frighten the people? Why do you frighten the world? Let there be no sovereignty! Say: "We don't want sovereignty" and let's get it over with. Why shouldn't you be transparent? Let it be this way: "We don't want sovereignty." Why shouldn't we be honest? There are people who want sovereignty and people who don't want sovereignty. This is what is truly horrific.

Interviewer: Let's return to what President Assad said in the conference and reiterated yesterday in a letter to President Lahoud, that history and geography govern Lebanon and Syria.

Bu Munsif: No one forgets history or geography.

Interviewer: …and no one can...

Bu Munsif: Is there an opposition saying otherwise? Who renounces his history or geography? Whoever renounces history and geography is first and foremost politically ignorant, isn't thinking of the long-term, and is gambling with the lives of the people he represents. But this doesn't mean that I need to stay under Syrian rule. There is a big difference, there is a big difference. I can be your true supporter, but by my independent decision, without it being forced on me, through oppression and security apparatuses. There is a big difference.

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