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Dec 23, 2022
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Lebanese Journalist Tony Boulos: We Should Confront Hizbullah Even If It Leads To Civil War; The Christians Will Defend Themselves Against This "IRGC Faction"; Foreign Intervention Is Needed In Lebanon

#10038 | 02:03
Source: The Internet - "Voice of Lebanon Radio"

Lebanese journalist Tony Boulos said on a December 23, 2022 show on Voice of Lebanon Radio that the time has come for a confrontation with Hizbullah and for a civil war. He said that the Lebanese people should demand foreign intervention and should internationalize of the situation in Lebanon. He criticized Hizbullah for considering its assassination squads to be part of Lebanon’s political process, and he said that Hizbullah is an IRGC faction. He also said that the Christian neighborhoods in Beirut are not willing to a "punching bag" for Hizbullah and will defend themselves against it.

Tony Boulos: "For Hizbullah today, killing is part of the political process. Today, this Lebanese political party has death squads, that carry out killings and assassinations. These killings are part of the political process.


"Hizbullah calls for dialogue, but in fact, it conducts no dialogue. When they ask you to hold a dialogue with them, they expect you to accept what they want.


"When someone pounces on you and wants to finish you off, you do not hold a dialogue with him. Rather, you confront him."

Interviewer: "How?"

Boulos: "In various ways."

Interviewer: "Do you or don't you accept that [Hizbullah] is a Lebanese group?"

Boulos: "It is not enough to have a passport to be Lebanese. In order to be Lebanese, you need to be loyal to Lebanon, rather than be dependent on a foreign country, from which you get your food, drink, soldiers, and weapons. All these things should come from Lebanon. Hizbullah is not Lebanese. It is a faction of the IRGC.


"The time has come for confrontation, not for dialogue. We should confront this militia and deter it with all our might."

Interviewer: "How?"

Boulos: "We can take to streets and protest. It will be a new revolution. I'm talking about a revolution based on reason, not on demagoguery."

Interviewer: "You will start a civil war."

Boulos: "Sure. Why shouldn't we? At least, we will raise our voice and confront [Hizbullah]. Then we will demand the internationalization of the Lebanese issue, and foreign intervention.


"The Christian neighborhoods will not serve as a punching bag. They need to understand..."

Interviewer: "It's not just about the Christians..."

Boulos: "Today, at least, they see that the Christian neighborhoods are defending themselves. These neighborhoods are no punching bag. It cannot be that whenever Nasrallah wants to deliver a message, he sends us his goons on motorcycles, his militia, and his highway robbers. No! They should know that if they enter these neighborhoods, their legs will be broken. Doing this is self-defense. It is a legal right."


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