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Nov 07, 2023
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Lebanese Journalist Fadi Boudayya: Instead Of Using Its Religious Scholars, Mosques To Support Palestine, Saudi Arabia Has Led A Western-Islamic Campaign Against Iran And Hizbullah

#10621 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Lebanon On (YouTube)"

Lebanese journalist Fadi Boudayya said in a November 7, 2023 show that was posted on Lebanon On (YouTube) that Saudi Arabia is leading a Western-Islamic campaign against Iran and Hizbullah instead of using its religious scholars and mosques to support Palestine. He said that "at a time when the children of Gaza were bleeding and calling for help," the promiscuous Australian singer Iggy Azalea was intoxicating Riyad. He added that the Saudis have lost "any shred of humanity."

Fadi Boudayya: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... At a time when the children of Gaza were bleeding and calling for help, Riyad was intoxicated with the tunes of the promiscuous Australian singer Iggy Azalea. Why hasn't Saudi Arabia harnessed its muftis, sheikhs, Friday sermons, and religious sentiment to call on people to support Palestine. Saudi Arabia has not dedicated a single Friday sermon to that since the beginning of the war on the Gaza Strip. Saudi Arabia is the land of the Two Holy Mosques. At the same time, Saudi Arabia led a ruthless Western-Islamic campaign to add Iran to the terror lists, to intimidate and isolate Iran, and it did the same to Hizbullah.


"Look at the Saudi statements, and the Saudi media. See what life Saudi Arabia leads, while Gaza is subjected to all this. Those [Saudis] have lost any shred of humanity. No humanity is left in them. When one sees all the massacres and killings, one loses his appetite sometimes, while the [Saudis] lead a life of dancing, debauchery, and partying. They have completely cut themselves off from the cause. Their sheikhs are out of touch with this world. But when it comes to the Shiites, you see them snap to attention, tie up their a'qal headband, and ascend the pulpits in the Two Holy Mosques, in other mosques, by the side of the road, on the back of pickup trucks, they install a bullhorn and start [inciting]."

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