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Aug 11, 2023
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Lebanese Journalist Tony Abi Najem: Christians In Lebanon Are Born With A Gun In Their Hands; If There Is No Political Solution – They Will Call For A War Against Hizbullah

#10449 | 01:46
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese journalist Tony Abi Najem, the editor-in-chief of imlebanon.org, said on an August 11, 2023 show on MTV (Lebanon) that Christians in Lebanon are born with a gun in their hands, that Christians in Lebanon should start working together and generate a "political momentum," and that if a political solution does not work out, they will call on the people to go to war against Hizbullah.

Tony Abi Najem: "Some 'heroes' in Hizbullah threaten us:) 'have not you seen what happened to the Christians in Syria and Iraq?' With all due respect, Christians in Lebanon are born with a gun in their hands. The Christians in Lebanon have been fighters since the days of John Maron and to this day. The Christians in Lebanon are not like the Christians in Syria, Iraq, the Holy Land, or Egypt. The Christians in Lebanon are born with a gun in their hands. This is their land and they will not leave it.


"Today, we have two choices.

"Either we all start working together again, and generate a political momentum, which will recreate unity against the Hizbullah enterprise, or we will be forced, in light of Hizbullah's arrogance, [to call on] each village and each household to take up arms against Hizbullah.


"If a political solution is a no-go, we will call on everybody to help arming the people. There is no third option. We want to try..."

Interviewer: "This will frighten people. Taking up arms means going to war."

Tony Abi Najem: "If people think that we are going to give up, they are wrong."

Interviewer: "With a gun here and a pistol there, you can fight Hizbullah and their missiles?"

Tony Abi Najem: "The [Armenian-Christian] Tashnak party in Bourj Hammoud are stronger than the Marines, not just than Hizbullah."

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