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Jun 25, 2020
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Lebanese International Affairs Expert Dr. Qassem Hodroj: America Is A Pirate Country Founded On Skulls; Hizbullah Can Invade Northern Israel

#8169 | 02:19
Source: LuaLua TV (Bahraini Opposition)

Lebanese international affairs expert Dr. Qassem Hodroj said in a June 25, 2020 interview on Lualua TV (Bahrain) that Hizbullah's weapons are Lebanon's weak point and suggested they should be put to use. He suggested the possibility of a Hizbullah invasion of northern Israel. In addition, Hodroj claimed that U.S. President Donald Trump exposed America's true and ugly face during the coronavirus pandemic by stealing medical equipment from other countries and threatening them with military action. He added that America is a "pirate country founded on skulls" that defends the criminals of the world.

Dr. Qassem Hodroj: "What would say if despite all this pressure placed on us, we take the weapons [of Hizbullah] that are being targeted – which is our point of weakness inside Lebanon – and turn them into a point of strength by using them? We still do not use these weapons, yet they still hold us responsible for them. So let's use them."

Interviewer: "Can the resistance strike Israel, in order to get out of its crisis?"

Hodroj: "No, no. It will not 'strike' Israel. You might wake up one morning and see all the international envoys coming over to pressure Hizbullah to withdraw from the Galilee. As simple as that. As simple as that."

Interviewer: "Can the resistance invade the Galilee in order to get itself out of the crisis and the mess in Lebanon?"

Hodroj: "No. Self-defense is a legitimate matter, just like the Yemenis constantly warned Saudi Arabia, and finally struck it deep in its territory, because the Saudis did not end the siege. Self-defense is a legitimate matter. War has its means and methods.


"We thanked Donald Trump and we will thank him again, as he is the only one who has exposed America's ugly face, especially during the coronavirus crisis. Before the coronavirus crisis, he would address the EU and tell them: 'Either you pay, or we will not pay our dues in the EU and NATO. You must pay.' He threatened to impose sanctions on Germany because of its cooperation with Russia. He also threatened Turkey, his ally. Once the coronavirus appeared, he started pirating medical equipment, saying that the American people deserve it more. He threatened the Europeans with military actions in order to get this equipment. This [ugly] face... He even covered up all of Saudi Arabia's crimes, and defended Mohammed bin Salman, whose crime the whole world condemned, despite his denial. All of this has been done in exchange for payment. [Trump says]: 'If you want me to leave Syria – pay! If you want me to stay in Syria, or to leave Afghanistan...' He revealed the true face of America – a pirate country, founded on skulls, that defends the criminals of the world."

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