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May 30, 2020
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Lebanese International Affairs Expert Abdo Laqis: Race Riots Indicate America Is Heading towards Blood-Soaked Civil War, Disintegration

#8032 | 01:58
Source: Al-Alam TV (Iran)

Lebanese international affairs expert Abdo Laqis said in a May 30, 2020 interview on Al-Alam TV [Iran] that he had predicted at the beginning of the year that the U.S. will head towards civil war and disintegration. He said that America's ideological "genes" are racist, that American society is based on racism, and that U.S. President Trump shares this ideology. He elaborated that the American people as a whole are racist and further predicted that the U.S. will disintegrate in a blood-soaked conflict between the states. Berlin-based political analyst Muhammad Bakr, who also appeared on the show, expressed hope that the U.S. domestic front be ignited so that America can "drink from the same cup" that it has forced Middle Eastern countries to drink from, referring to the Arab Spring as an example.

Abdo Laqis: "I said at the beginning of the year that the U.S. was heading towards civil war and disintegration.


"No American president can impose his whole personal opinion on U.S. society as a whole, unless this society has already been saturated with this idea. American society has been raised on the ideology of racism and along came a president with the same roots, the same racist beliefs. We can say that an ideological marriage has taken place. America's ideological genes are racist genes."


Dr. Muhammad Bakr: "We hope that the domestic front in America will be set on fire and that the United States will drink from the same cup that is has forced many countries in the region to drink from, in what was called "The Arab Spring" and the American-made anarchy that raged in Arab countries."


Laqis: "Neither of the two [American] political parties is free of racism, because this conditions pertains to the people and not to a specific party or city. This has been building up for hundreds of years. It's a racist culture..."

Host: "Right, the culture. It's nothing new."


Lagis: "This is an indication of the disintegration of the [United] States. The various states might resort to a blood-soaked conflict amongst themselves."

Host: "Trump may turn out to be America's Gorbachev..."

Lagis: "Not America's Gorbachev. With Gorbachev it ended peacefully. The USSR disintegrated peacefully, but in this case, [the U.S.] will not disintegrate peacefully. It will end in blood."

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