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Jun 26, 2020
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Lebanese Minister Of Interior General (Ret.) Mohammed Fahmi: I Killed Two People In 1981 And Michel Aoun Saved Me from Being Killed As Reprisal

#8102 | 02:02
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Minister of Interior General (Ret.) Mohammed Fahmi said in a June 26, 2020 interview on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that he has a close bond with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, who he said had saved him from being killed in 1981. Fahmi explained that he had killed two people and that as a result, he had an altercation with a very powerful (militia) party. He said that his bond was formed with Aoun when Aoun promised to protect him. At the time, Fahmi had been a lieutenant in the Lebanese armed forces, and Aoun had been the commander of the 8th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Mohammed Fahmi: "I have a close bond with [with President Michel Aoun], because of what happened to me..."

Host: "What happened to you?"

Fahmi: "Something happened, my brother..."

Host: "Do tell us. Today you are being transparent and very honest."

Fahmi: "Just today?"

Host: "No, no. But you are with us now. What is the story that created your special close bond with Michel Aoun?"

Fahmi: "I'll tell you something... I will tell you the story, but my relationship with General Michel Aoun... By the way, I still refer to him as 'sir,' and not as 'Mr. President,' and when I see him I salute him without noticing. What's behind this close bond? In 1981, I ran into a problem with a very powerful [militia] party. I apologize to the family, to the viewers, to everybody... I killed two people."

Host: "You did what?"

Fahmi: "I killed two people. This led to an altercation with that party, because it was a very powerful party. He summoned me to his office."

Host: "Who?"

Fahmi: "General Michel Aoun. He said to me: 'Mohammed...' As I told you, when your commander calls you by your first name [it means a lot]. He said to me: 'Mohammed, as long as I am breathing, nobody will touch you.' This is who Michel Aoun is.


"I am a loyal person. Neither me nor my family will ever forget what he did. He saved me from being killed."

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