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Jun 30, 2020
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Lebanese TV Host Marcel Ghanem: PM Hassan Diab Should Go Away; He Does Nothing But Serve His Masters; People Are Hungry And Want To Leave Lebanon

#8121 | 02:41
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese TV host Marcel Ghanem said in a monologue in a July 2, 2020 show on MTV (Lebanon) that as a citizen, he is crying to Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab: "Go away." He said that the Diab government has done nothing but bring more crises and serve its "masters" and their desires. Ghanem asked "What chance should we give to a government of empty fridges?", and said that the Diab government doesn’t deserve a chance while people are stealing supplies to care for their babies, while the army has no meat, while mothers have no food, and while fathers have no work. He also said that every family has someone who is planning to leave Lebanon and never return because of the situation, and he added that history will laugh heartily at PM Diab and his government.

Marcel Ghanem: "This monologue has nothing to do with local agendas, foreign intelligence agencies, collaboration with the Zionists, or mafia connections. It is merely the cry of a citizen: Go away, [PM] Hassan [Diab]. We have no time left to bear the failure of the government you lead. Go away, Hassan, because ever since you became the head of this crisis-time government, you have done nothing but create more crises. You have not been a prime minister. Rather, you have been a tool in the hands of those who direct your zigzagging course, and who dictate your policies with their questionable direction and resolve. 'Give him a chance,' they said – so we kept quiet.  'The government is taking action,' they said – so we waited. 'Relief is coming,' they said – so we hoped. However, Hassan, all that you and your puppet government have achieved was to secure appointments that suit your masters, and to make decisions that comply with their ambitions. What chance should we give to a government of empty fridges, a government that leads people to steal in order to buy baby milk and diapers? There are websites filled with ads for bartering personal items for food and basic needs. What chance should we give to a government whose army has no meat? Mothers don't have food for the family and the fathers have no work, in a country whose sons leave even before the airport opens up. In every home, there is someone who has submitted immigration documents. In every family, there is someone planning to leave and never return, to leave a country that prefers sects to qualifications. Leave, Hassan. The government you head will go down in history as a government that raised the price of bread and emptied the reserves of the Central [Bank] – a government that under its rule, the exchange rate of the USD has risen. History will laugh heartily at you when your excuses for the crisis are looked at."

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