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Oct 09, 2004
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Lebanese Friday Sermon on Sinai Bombings

#282 | 03:14
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

The following are excerpts from sermons in Lebanese mosques on October 8, 2004:

Sheik Muhammad Kan'an, Al Musaytaba Mosque, Beirut: Regarding the bombings that took place last night in 'Aqaba [i.e. Sinai]– a news item or a part of a news is noteworthy, about the reason so many Jews go to the Egyptian beach on the Gulf of 'Aqaba. Have you noticed the reason? Why 40,000 Jews, who have a holiday… Why did 40,000 Jews leave Eilat and its restaurants, hotels and so on… You know that the Jews don't lack anything… Why did they go over from the Jewish side to the Egyptian side? The Jews and the media have provided the answer - When you hear it, you'll remember… The reason is that the resorts on the Egyptian side have forms of entertainment forbidden in occupied Palestine. This was the news item. When you go home, turn on the radio and TV and you will hear this. On the Egyptian side there are forms of entertainment that are forbidden by the Jews. Obviously, we are not talking about soccer, or volleyball, or… "fallingball." We are talking of abomination, contemptible deeds, and prostitution.

What does this mean to you? By Allah, on the Egyptian side there are forms of entertainment that are forbidden in Palestine. Why are they forbidden? What, are the Jews God-fearing? Are they more religious than the Muslim Egyptians? Do they have more honor than the Egyptians? Are they more moral than the Egyptians? What does it mean that there are forms of entertainment forbidden in Palestine? Therefore 40,000 Jews marched on Taba and other Egyptian resorts in order to enjoy what they cannot enjoy in occupied Palestine. Take note of this in order to understand.

Sheik Billal Sha'ban, Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamic Union: It is only natural for the response to be on an international level. What happened in Taba yesterday is 0.0001 of what Israel deserves. What happened there is a result of American and Israeli actions and a partial and very small result of what Israel and the US are doing in the region. If the US and Israel are targeted all over on the face of the earth, it will be just.

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