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Sep 21, 2022
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Lebanese Energy Expert Laury Haytayan: The Free Fuel Iran Is Giving Lebanon Does Not Solve Our Energy Crisis; This Is Merely A Political Deal, It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Iran Starts Charging Us

#9846 | 01:44
Source: The Internet - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

Laury Haytayan, a Lebanese expert on oil and natural gas in the Middle East and North Africa, said in a September 21, 2022 interview that was posted on the Spot Shot YouTube channel that Iran's decision to supply Lebanon with free fuel is not a solution to Lebanon's energy crisis. She said that this it is a "political deal" that is in fact a "new setback" because it is only a matter of time before Iran starts charging Lebanon for the fuel. She emphasized that this has nothing to do with the needs of the Lebanese people.

Laury Haytayan: "Today, we are panhandling [for fuel] from Iran. The 'victory' of receiving fuel from Iran for free, as a gift, a donation, whatever we want to call it... We know that this cannot be the solution. The electricity supply will, indeed, increase, but we should all remember that we deserve 24 hours of electricity per day.

"We cannot consider it a victory when the power supply is increased from zero hours per day to six or eight hours per day. This is a new setback.

"Iran wants to give us fuel for five months, but then what? Will Iran continue to give it to us for free? No. It will want money. Will we be able to implement any reforms during these five months in order to improve the functioning of Lebanon's electricity company so it will be able to pay for the fuel it needs, in order to provide electricity to people in Lebanon? Of course not. So this deal between Lebanon and Iran is a political deal par excellence. It has nothing whatsoever to do with providing the needs of the Lebanese."

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